The ASL Virtual Academy is an American Sign Language online class that is self-paced independent learning, with an interactive component, connecting with fellow students, native signers, and a certified teacher. Our courses are designed to align with the national standards for learning languages. Students learn ASL through pre-recorded video lessons, interactive activities and review sessions, and are professionally assessed on their mastery of the course through various online exams, and instructor feedback and assement. Students enrolled are typically satisfying a foreign language credit requirement for high school graduation and/or college admission.  


The ASL Virtual Academy strives to further expand the growth and interest in American Sign Language to students all over the country where qualified ASL instructors and ASL classes don’t exist.  By leveraging the power of the internet we can provide high quality ASL classes and instruction to anyone with access to high speed internet.  We exist to provide students of all types with alternatives to traditional spoken language for their foreign language credit requirements.

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