Course Details

Course Name: American Sign Language Level 1 & Level 2
Price Per Course: $397.00 + $29.99 video software fee (paid at a later date)
Course Description:

This exciting two course series introduces students to American Sign Language (ASL) as a World Language. Students will develop beginning level ASL communication skills, and start their journey into the Deaf World by exploring American Deaf culture and history. Course instruction and activities are primarily in ASL.

This course is designed to be self-paced, with pre-recorded video lessons, interactive activities, assignments. Students will have plenty of opportunity to practice the language and use it in authentic ways, through student-teacher and student-student interactions, review games, and practice quizzes.  Each course includes introductory lessons, vocabulary review, grammar & culture topics, review activities, interactive assignments, practice quizzes, and comprehension assessments.


Students' language development will be measured by a variety of assessment types, including unit comprehension tests, home work assignments, and a comprehensive expressive (signing) final at the end of the  course. 

Course Requirements:
  • High-speed internet connection

  • Laptop or desktop with webcam.

  • Smartphone (Highly recommended)

  • Basic knowledge of computer and internet
  • Self-motivated and independent learning skills

Process To Sign Up For Class:

We process our student enrollments through PayPal.  Please select either ASL 1 or ASL 2, then click the "Buy Now" button below to start the purchase process.  Once you complete the PayPal transaction, you'll be directed to a Google form questionnaire requesting the information we need to create your student account.  After you complete the Google form, you'll have full course access to start learning ASL! 

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