How long is the course?

Students can start the course, progress through the material, and finish at their own pace.  Length of course depends upon how many hours per week a student can dedicate to learning the material.  The goal for many students is to complete the class in a semester.

What is the time commitment?

We recommend a minimum of 3 hours per week dedicated to learning the material. The great feature of this class is students can spend more time on a given lesson or activity if they need or wish to. They can pause, fast forward, rewind, or slow down the lessons whenever they want!

What if I have a question?

Students can easily ask questions to their teacher and classmates in sign language, voice, or text, through the phone or computer.

What is required for the course?

A laptop with a webcam

High-speed internet connection


Basic computer skills

How do I receive credit?

It is up to your school to decide if you will receive credit for this course. Most schools will grant "Flexible Credit" to students wishing to fullfill a world language requirement. Some students take this course as an elective, while others are simply interested in learning the language and culture and do not wish to pursue high school credit. It is recommended that you talk with your school prior to starting the class, if you are pursuing credit. 

Is the grade posted on my final transcript?

This decision is made by your school. Typically, the grade received in this course is posted on your final transcript. 

Can I take this class for pass/fail?

Yes, you can, if you do not need a letter grade. 

Can I drop the course?

Yes, you can drop the course within the first week, for a full refund. 

When can I start the class?

Students can start the class at their convenience when they're ready.  

What is the timeline of the class?

Students can enroll and start anytime.  Once they register, the student and instructor will discuss goals for completion based on how much time the student can dedicate to the course.