Frustrated because your school does not offer an ASL class?  


In need of a foreign language credit for high school graduation but not really interested in spoken foreign languages?   


Are you more of a visual learner that could benefit from learning ASL?  


Have you ever thought about how fun it would be to know sign language?

Whatever your situation, you’re here to learn American Sign Language and we’re  just what you’ve been searching for.  Enter The ASL Virtual Academy!  Take a seat in your most comfortable living room chair and flip open your laptop.   Now watch how The ASL Virtual Academy brings learning ASL directly to you.  Don’t get too comfortable, because there’s a lot to learn if you want to master ASL!

There’s no need to commute to a physical classroom to learn ASL.  In fact, learning ASL online in our virtual academy has many benefits to learning in a traditional classroom.

For starters, when you learn virtually, you’ll have access to all class lessons via video.  What this means is, you can fast forward, rewind, pause, or even slow-motion these videos.  Think about it for a minute.  In a live class you may ask the ASL teacher to repeat a sign, but once you leave class, that’s it-- class is over!  A big complaint of students learning ASL in a traditional classroom is it can be difficult to study without your teacher present.  In the ASL Virtual Academy you can review as much as you need!  Your teacher never sleeps!  The videos are available to you 24/7 and you can view them as much as needed to learn the language.  

















Learning ASL virtually doesn’t mean you’re on a deserted island all by yourself.  Connect live with your teacher and other students!

The structure of the class is primarily self-paced study with pre-recorded video lessons, review activities, practice quizzes, and assignments. Students also interact with their classmates and teacher through their phones, sending video messages in ASL!


Have questions about the class material?  No need to stress about it, your teacher is accessible for questions and feedback! .


















Feedback is key

Learning any language (especially ASL), requires constant feedback about how you’re doing.  It’s critical for your mastery of ASL to have this live interaction and feedback from your teacher.  

The feedback doesn’t stop at the video conference classroom.  You will have an opportunity to take several quizzes (including practice quizzes) and tests (including practice tests) to ensure you’re learning the language and getting the proper feedback to improve your skills.  This class is all about leveraging technology and you’ll also have a chance to practice the language with other students.  

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Earn foreign language credit and get a grade.

With all the video lessons, independent practice, live practice with your teacher, practice with your fellow students, and the practice exams/quizzes/activities, you’ll be in a position to earn the best grade possible.  You’ll want to earn the best grade you can, especially if you’re taking this class for formal credit.  Go to the “ASL for Credit” tab to learn more about getting formal language credit from your school for taking ASL through the ASL Virtual Academy.

Here's a screen shot of your classroom!
Learn and use the language where ever you go!

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