Course Description

This exciting two course series introduces students to American Sign Language (ASL) as a World Language. Students will develop beginning level ASL communication skills, and start their journey into the Deaf World by exploring American Deaf culture and history. Course instruction and activities are primarily in ASL.


These courses are designed to be self-paced.  We utilize pre-recorded video lessons, interactive activities, assignments, and tests to teach and evaluate students' skills. Students will have plenty of opportunities to practice the language and use it in authentic ways, through student-teacher and student-student interactions, review games, and practice quizzes.  Each course includes introductory lessons, vocabulary review, grammar & culture topics, interactive activities, assignments, practice quizzes, and comprehension assessments.


Students' language development will be measured by a variety of assessment types, including practice activities, expressive and receptive (signing) assignments, unit tests which measure the student’s comprehension skills as well as knowledge of grammar and culture, practice conversations with a native signer, and a comprehensive expressive and receptive (signing) final at the end of the course. 


Self Paced Format

Our classes allow you to progress at your own pace.  Everyone is busy, so the last thing you want is one more scheduled class at an inconvenient time. 

Fit ASL in when it works for you, although you will need to be consistently logging and advancing so you don’t lose momentum. 


Student Feedback
To learn ASL you need feedback on how you’re producing the language.  Your signing skills are evaluated by our highly qualified ASL team members to ensure you’re signing properly, and successfully understanding what you’re learning.  We partner with, a student feedback video platform, where our students submit assignments and our teachers provide feedback.    


Enrollment & Levels

Enroll anytime with us.  The self-paced format of the class allows open enrollment any time of year.

ASL level 1 (one school year/one credit)

ASL level 2 (one school year/one credit)

ASL level 3 (currently in development)