Welcome to the classroom!

At The ASL Virtual Academy we take learning American Sign Language seriously.  Our school is not just going to give you a long list of vocabulary words for you to simply (or not so simply) memorize.  Learning a language properly, especially ASL, needs to be highly interactive.  You'll have your share of vocabulary signs you need to remember.  Let's face it, you can't use this language without knowing a good number of signs.

However, it's critically important for you to actually USE the language with others learning ASL and your highly skilled teacher.  By using the language you'll learn and retain so much more than you could trying to learn on your own, or just trying to memorize a bunch of signs.

Our school has you learning and using ASL through pre-recorded video lessons, interactive games, partner activities with other students, and tests & quizzes that require you to use ASL while getting feedback from your teacher. 

This is a sample lesson on family members.  Take a look at the video!

This is a sample of a vocabulary review lesson.  Notice how the signs are produced in normal and slow speeds, for easier practice.

Here is a sample of a pre-recorded "language in action" lesson.  Can you guess what she's signing?

Language learning should be fun! Interactive review games such as this help to sharpen your skills and keep you engaged in your learning journey! Take a look at the sample video.

Click on the video to watch two students doing a practice activity together.  Can you see how you have multiple ways of practicing the language?

Taking practice quizzes and tests online can be an effective way to assess your language development, especially for students who experience test anxiety in traditional classroom settings. Click on the video to see a sample test question. 

Here are examples of opportunities you will have to interact with your classmates, teacher and Deaf native signers (these are scheduled around your availability).