There are a number of reasons to learn a language as fun as ASL, but here are a few:

  • Satisfy a foreign language credit for high school graduation requirements and/or college admission standards


  • Plan on entering the workforce in the fields of education, medicine, law, or social work?  ASL can be a HUGE advantage in these fields.


  • ASL is a three dimensional (3-D) language. The 3-D aspect of ASL can help provide a better appreciation of the arts.  Our brains are complex, but it’s understood that artistic endeavors (including 3-D motion) is housed in the right side of your brain.  Other functions (including language) is housed in the left side of your brain.  With ASL you’re exercising both sides of your brain simultaneously!  ASL can make you smarter!


  • Did you know babies can communicate with sign language BEFORE they can verbalize? It also helps them learn to verbalize faster.  Learn ASL and you can help a baby learn to talk sooner in life.


  • Bilingualism creates more brain power!  Here again, ASL can make you smarter!


  • With ASL you can communicate with many Deaf people, not to mention other friends who know ASL,too.  Communicate with them under water, through a window, or in a really loud room!  


  • ASL provides a fun challenge and is great a alternative (or addition) to learning another spoken language.