Types of students who can benefit from learning American Sign Language in an online classroom:

  • Students seeking a world languages credit for high school graduation and/or for college admission requirements

  • Students whose school does not offer ASL, or the proximity to the nearest school offering ASL is too far to attend

  • Visual learners, kinesthetic learners (you learn by doing), and students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia who may have challenges with other foreign languages that have a written component (ASL does not have a written component)

  • Students who took ASL 1 with another program, and for a variety of reasons, can't continue with that program and need to start ASL 2 elsewhere

  • Students interested in self paced learning and access to class materials 24/7

  • Home school students and traditional students

  • Students in need of a foreign language credit but don’t have strong interest in spoken languages such as Spanish, German, French, etc. and want to try something different

  • Family members, friends, teachers, or classmates of deaf individuals