1. Learn at your own pace!*   Have you ever sat in a class and the teacher moved too fast for you to completely understand the material?  On the other hand, we’ve all sat through a class where the teacher was moving at a snail’s pace.  Either you’re stressed out with a fast teacher or bored to tears with a slow moving class.  Think about it, what if you could sit in a classroom with a remote control and fast forward, rewind, or pause your teacher.  In the ASL Virtual Academy you can!  Course content is available to you 24/7!


2. Do you live in an area or go to a school that doesn’t offer American Sign Language?  With the power of the internet and advancements in technology, it doesn’t matter where you’re located.  Now you have the best ASL instruction delivered right to your house.


3. There's a lot of ASL videos and material scattered all over the internet and in your local library.  In fact, maybe you’ve tried learning ASL with these free resources.  The ASL Virtual Academy is a first of its kind education company that brings it all together for you.   We put together a course curriculum for ASL 1 and ASL 2  (ASL 3 is currently in development) that includes video lessons, test assessments, live interaction with a teacher, professional feedback, foreign language credit**, and a grade.  Where else can you get all of this besides signing up for a traditional “in person” ASL class?




* While there is a lot of flexibility with when you watch your video lessons and how many times you wish to view the lessons, student progress is measured weekly. 

**Foreign language credit is ultimately provided by your school.  Usually schools that don’t offer ASL will allow their students to take our ASL class virtually and reward foreign language credit.